START - SToughton Area Resource Team
A safety net for families in crisis
START - SToughton Area Resource Team - 248 W. Main St. Stoughton, WI 53589 - 608-577-5650

START provides a safety net for families in crisis. It links Stoughton families with community resources and provides support in housing, health, employment and financial assistance.

Client Story
In December, START provided services to a family of three who were transitioning into a new rental property here in the Stoughton area. The family had received a subsidized housing voucher through Section 8 and had only a limited amount of time to secure a new unit. They live off of a fixed income of social security disability and also receive income from part time work. They had received unexpected costs for the month of December and were worried about being able to secure their new unit with the full security deposit. They had saved over half of the cost needed and were in jeopardy of not being able to secure the unit without the rest of the costs needed. With the help from START they were able to secure the new unit and were able to successfully move in. They are no longer at risk of becoming homeless. With the transition into a new unit they were not able to provide Christmas gift items for their family members. START was able to provide this family with several donated gift items in order to assist them with having a Christmas celebration. They stated that without the help from START they would not have had a place to live over the holidays and would also have not had gifts to share with each other for Christmas. They expressed their gratitude for START and stated that they are grateful to have had less stress over the holidays.

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