START - SToughton Area Resource Team
A safety net for families in crisis
START - SToughton Area Resource Team - 248 W. Main St. Stoughton, WI 53589 - 608-577-5650

START provides a safety net for families in crisis. It links Stoughton families with community resources and provides support in housing, health, employment and financial assistance.

Client Story
In January START began providing case management services to an 18 year old high school graduate, who is working full-time at a minimum wage job. She is living on her own and successfully supporting herself. She has a limited support system, and in fact takes responsibility for helping family members financially at times. She contacted START proactively when she had a scheduled medical procedure that she knew would create difficulties in paying her rent. She would miss several weeks of work for recovery and then a part-time transition back. Her employer provides no financial benefits during the time missed. START carefully budgeted with this young woman and identified exactly what her needs would be. To make February rent we made a referral to St. Vincent de Paul, utilized a Salvation Army voucher, START contributed some financial assistance, and the client paid the remainder. We will continue to engage in case management in the following weeks and follow the impact of this time off of work through February. We have also spent time discussing future goals with information shared on academic opportunities and financial aid.

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