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A safety net for families in crisis
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START provides a safety net for families in crisis. It links Stoughton families with community resources and provides support in housing, health, employment and financial assistance.

Client Story
In November, START provided case management services to a young mother who had recently become unemployed due to severe medical issues and had begun to fall behind on her monthly bills. She had been on medical leave from her place of employment since September 2014 and became 3 months past due on her rent due to this unexpected change in her household income. She had also received a disconnection notice from Alliant Energy and was becoming overwhelmed with the amount of past due bills that she had accumulated as she had never fallen behind in bills in the past. The amount that she was past due in rent was significantly high and her landlord had decided to take this issue to court which was scheduled at the end of the month.

With the help of START she was able to connect with several different organizations in order to help with this past due amount owed. Through hard work and determination she and START researched all of her available options and by the end of the month she was able to have this past due amount paid off and did not have to appear in court. START connected with her landlord in order to arrange a payment schedule which was accepted in order to prevent her from becoming evicted. She was able to contribute towards this past due balance on her own from her personal savings and with the help from family, friends, and START. She was also able to receive a financial hardship grant from her place of employment while also receiving financial assistance from several other resources including but not limited to, an Emergency Assistance Grant and assistance from the St. Vincent de Paul Society. She also connected with Energy Assistance in order to help with her utility disconnection notice.

START arranged a payment plan going forward with her landlord and she is expected to be able to comply with this agreement, as she will begin to have a steady income again starting in December. START received verification from her landlord that she no longer has a past due balance owed and that she and her family are no longer at risk of becoming homeless.

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