START - SToughton Area Resource Team
A safety net for families in crisis
START - SToughton Area Resource Team - 248 W. Main St. Stoughton, WI 53589 - 608-577-5650

START provides a safety net for families in crisis. It links Stoughton families with community resources and provides support in housing, health, employment and financial assistance.

Client Story
In January, START provided services to a young woman and her family who had recently had a change in their income due to medical issues which affected the mother’s ability to work. She and her husband relied on both of their duel incomes in order to pay their monthly bills. Their lease was ending with their current unit and they were no longer able to afford the cost of the rent without the mother’s income. They worked with a realtor in town who helped them to locate a different unit which would be more affordable, saving over $300 in rent each month. They were struggling to come up with the entire cost of the security deposit as they had been living off of the husband’s income alone. The mother had applied for Social Security Disability for her health concerns and was waiting for a response as to whether or not she was going to receive this. The family reached out to START with only a limited amount of time left to secure the unit and transition into the new home without experiencing any instances of homelessness. With the help of START and Saint Vincent De Paul, the family was able to move into the new unit within that same week. They were able to avoid experiencing any instances of homelessness and have now secured a unit which will save them over $300 in rent each month. 

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